Columbia Valley Legal Technician Services, PLLC | Family Law Legal Services in Washington State | Services & Pricing
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Services and Pricing

Services in divorce, custody, support,
and domestic violence protection orders

Legal advising

Advise clients on their rights, strategy, and procedure


Document Preparation

Prepare, file, and serve documents for clients



Assist clients at certain types of hearings and settlement conferences
Prepare a client to represent themselves in court proceedings


Free Initial appointment to discuss your legal needs

Flexible billing options include hourly or flat fee

Services cost about 1/3 of traditional full representation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Legal Technicians file papers in Court for my family law case?

A. Yes. Legal Technicians can draft, file, and serve Washington state’s pattern family law forms in most all family law case types.

Q: Can Legal Technicians represent me at my hearing?

A: Legal Technicians can assist and confer with you, and answer questions from the Judge at your hearing, but cannot argue on your behalf. You must speak to the Judge, and I will be there to assist you and answer any questions the Judge may have for me on facts or procedure in your case. I will also help you prepare.

Q: How rigorous is the preparation for the Legal Technician license?

A: Legal Technicians are required to have at least an Associate’s Degree with specific core coursework, extended family law courses, 3,000 hours of substantive work experience, and pass licensing exams in ethics and substantive law.