Columbia Valley Legal Technician Services, PLLC | Family Law Legal Services in Washington State | Testimonials
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“It was very positive and cost efficient for me to use Priscilla, a Legal Technician. I was very grateful to have this option! She provided me excellent support during the divorce process and was responsive to all my questions. Priscilla completed all paperwork completely and within the time frame that I requested. She referred me to an attorney to divide the home I owned with my spouse but was able to help with everything else regarding the parenting plan and the very complicated divorce procedure. I would highly recommend Priscilla to others. ” – Janie

“I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude towards Priscilla for going above in beyond when I felt lost in all the emotional stress of going through a divorce. I didn’t have many options to obtain competent legal assistance specific to my case that I could afford. After many days of phone calls and emails, I was able to retain Priscilla to assist me in my divorce when my spouse was trying to take me to court for temporary orders. Priscilla explained everything with detail and was always available to answer my questions. In communicating with my spouse’s attorney, on a professional level, Priscilla was able to negotiate an acceptable settlement, dampening down the conflict and stress while also advocating for me vigorously. Her pricing was fair and her work first-rate. In my time of need, Priscilla helped me more than I could have ever hoped for. If you need someone that will be truly in your corner and lookout and protect your best interests, I strongly recommend Priscilla. She is a true professional, and her abilities as a legal support expert, exceed the low economic impact you will receive.” – JV

“I appreciate all your hard work and it was a pleasure working with you! Thank you for putting in all the hours that you did. Thanks again for helping me move onto the next chapter of my life.” – AS

It feels so good to make a positive change in someone’s life!