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Our Latest Satisfied Clients


“I reached out to Priscilla Selden when I was struggling with custody issues regarding my children. I am a single father of 2 and I was not in a financial position to retain a lawyer. I feared that I would not be able to get it done myself. Ms. Selden was able to assist me with my case and I don’t feel I could have accomplished what I did without her. She was always punctual and in constant communication about my case. Her rates were more than reasonable. She always answered all my questions thoroughly and accurately. I am very grateful to have had her services.” – BB

“As a single mom, Priscilla, legal technician, provided the legal support for my divorce process that I needed.

All the paperwork and filing to the court was done on-time. The hearing went smoothly since the court had all the forms ready to be signed by the judge in-court. She is a wonderful-approachable person to speak and very cost efficient. I highly recommend her.” – LO

“Just wanted to let you know that everything went good at court with no issues, and the judge signed them. Thank you so much for your help with this. I really appreciate the effort you put into to making sure everything was done correctly, I couldn’t have done it myself. You will be highly recommend by me to anyone needing help with these documents.” – Eddie

“Thank you again so very much, Priscilla for all your help and legal expertise. I knew when I started this process it was over my head, you have been wonderful. There’s no way I could have made it through the legal process without your help.” – JG

“Hey Priscilla, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me!!! I really appreciate you! You’re phenomenal!!!” – JS

“It was very positive and cost efficient for me to use Priscilla, a Legal Technician. I was very grateful to have this option! She provided me excellent support during the divorce process and was responsive to all my questions. Priscilla completed all paperwork completely and within the time frame that I requested. She referred me to an attorney to divide the home I owned with my spouse but was able to help with everything else regarding the parenting plan and the very complicated divorce procedure. I would highly recommend Priscilla to others. ” – Janie

It feels so good to make a positive change in someone’s life!